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The brand new Flames Lord accepted, and you may Azula premiered

The brand new Flames Lord accepted, and you may Azula premiered

But not, she intended to find and destroy Ursa in order to end their from interfering with her intends to make throne off Zuko

Azula arrived at their coronation excited sufficient reason for her hair nevertheless in pretty bad shape, although the feel try disturbed whenever Katara and you will Zuko came into issue the girl. The girl unpredictable status shone through significantly, while the Zuko can potentially pick up on they, and that try shown then because the this lady apparent insanity weakened the lady attacking abilities to possess Zuko in order to decisively overwhelm the girl fundamentally. sitios web de hinduismo [1] She including is quickly goaded by Zuko towards the using super despite knowing he might reroute it and only changed the woman notice inside the last minute to quit what might yes was in fact beat because of the concentrating on Katara, leaving Zuko incapacitated, of which point Azula demonstrated an ever-increasing level of mockery into the latest duo. The lady arrogance and you will mental state eventually allowed Katara, despite demonstrably being not as strong than simply Azula due to Sozin’s Comet, so you’re able to defeat and you will strings the woman on floor. As soon as Azula watched Zuko flower, new Flame Country little princess screamed from inside the outrage and you can rage when you find yourself respiration flame uncontrollably and you may intensely unable to crack by herself 100 % free, dropping into over madness, sobbing loudly. She pulled herself across the soil helplessly, a complete extent out of her madness resulting in both Zuko and you may Katara to view having obvious despair despite all the she got put them through. [11] Which description is actually the culmination out of this lady were not successful relationship with the lady mother along with her jealousy towards the Zuko to own choosing more of its mother’s affection, [9] the fresh new betrayal she suffered at the hands of Mai and Ty Lee, [28] the woman overcome by Zuko and you will Katara last but not least her failure to help you be crowned Flames Lord. This madness earned her Zuko’s embarrassment, and you will Azula is protected out of prison and you can instead dedicated to a mental health business with the the neighborhood area on Flames Country to possess potential most useful cures.

From the extension, the woman thoughts away from Zuko got increased significantly: No matter if nonetheless cruel and you can scathing, she insisted he had the efficiency as « strong » like by herself

A year later, a distinctly psychologically unstable Azula accepted work away from coaxing Ursa’s whereabouts from Ozai out-of Zuko, saying that not one big date choose to go of the where she got maybe not pondered exactly what became of its mother. [32] In exchange, she asked permission to participate the lady sibling on their trip and you may are permitted to traveling unbound with self-respect. While you are she had restored most of her earlier in the day attitude, due to the fact she boastfully asked visitors to serve the woman needs and you may forcefully reacted to irritating points, regardless of if sometimes, she nonetheless experienced psychotic periods, believing that men and women as much as this lady is conspiring with her mommy in order to create the girl off. [33] In the long run, yet not, she given up both of these requirements just after Zuko indicated that the guy manage care for their for any reason whatever the. Leaving Ursa live and you can giving Zuko right back the new page which will potentially oust your on throne, Azula went faraway from the remainder of the team. [34]

Azula next experienced a period and that she after referred to as shopping for the lady « destiny ». Discarding lots of the lady old wishes, such as the search for total electricity, she overcame some of the lady insecurities. Even in the event nevertheless quite unhinged and enthusiastic about ruling from the instilling concern, Azula pointed out that she you certainly will laws owing to Zuko and and so share the responsibility to be Flames Lord; so it resulted in the woman impression freer than ever before. While doing so, she greet herself to open up far more in order to others than before prior to, outlining this lady the new comrades because « sisters » and you can publicly telling Zuko of this lady strategies. Observing Zuko’s social apology towards the populace, Azula stayed smug, confident that however started to the girl attitude over time. [36]

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