Une solution globale pour soulager la biosphère

Autonomie locale et production d'énergie

She is actually equally worthy within the Bull Durham since Annie Savoy, a basketball groupy; designated an effective UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador for the 1999

She is actually equally worthy within the Bull Durham since Annie Savoy, a basketball groupy; designated an effective UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador for the 1999

P12. Stage/Screen: Queens, 1946, which redhead could have been five times selected for an only Actress Oscar, effective having Dead man Taking walks in 1995. Hint: Abe’s partner. A good. Julianne Moore B. Susan Sarandon C. Sissy Spacek D. Shirley MacLaine

P13. A lot more Borrowing from the bank: Peter Parker’s favourite colors seems getting exactly what? A good. Environmentally friendly and you will red B. Red-colored and you may bluish C. Orange and you can black colored D. Reddish and you can Silver

P1. Art/Culture: Produced from inside the 1902, he was a home-terican business person and you can philanthropist whom altered how some one consume by strengthening by far the most winning fast-dinner business around the world. Date Magazine listings your among 100 important people of the 20 th Millennium. Hint: rips. A. Ronald MacDonald B. Roy Rogers C. Tim Horton D. Ray Kroc


P2. Geography: Created in 1936, Vclav Havel is actually an author [[The backyard Group), philosopher, dissident, 1 st democratically decided to go with president of his nation into the 41 many years. Just what country? Hint: Throughout the post? A. Czechoslovakia B. Hungary C. Latvia D. Poland

Peter Strangelove

P3. History: North carolina, 1829, turned into the brand new 21 st You.S. Chairman immediately after Garfield’s murder; most useful end the latest Pendleton Municipal Services Change Act; even if now ranked from inside the lower half of the latest presidents, Draw Twain, who don’t will often have kind terms and conditions to have politicians, talked highly off him. “I might end up being Chairman. However, my personal private life is nobody’s damned company.” Hint: 1313 Blue Glance at Terrace. A. Benjamin Harrison B. Grover Cleveland C. Chester A great. Arthur D. Ulysses S. Offer

cuatro. Lang: Eastern Windsor, CT, 1703, over the top Puritan, revivalist preacher, quiet-verbal Bible thumper, flame brimstone, had written cheery Sinners in the hands out of an upset Jesus. Hint: Man w/ Leviathan A good. Boost Mather B. Cotton Mather C. Jonathan Edwards D. Charles Chauncy

P5. Literature: Created for the London area for the 1949, he has written biographies of William Blake, Dickens, T. S, Eliot, and you can Sir Thomas A lot more. His personal books include the Great Flames away from London area and you can Hawksmoor, which acquired an effective Whitbread Prize. Hint #1: Agatha Christie. Clue #2: The Organization Brothers. A good. Lytton Strachey B. Peter Ackroyd C. Irving Stone D. Richard Ellman

P6. Music/Dance: Ireland, 1951, singer/songwriter, co-authored Create They are aware It’s Christmas time?; starred Pink regarding 1982 motion picture Green Floyd-The fresh Wall; best known for co-founding the fresh charity category Ring-Assist in 1984 and you may using the brand new Real time Services performance inside the 1985. Hint: earliest reason horses provides aichmophobia.. A beneficial. Bono B. Johnny Logan C. Gary Moore D. Bob Geldof

P7. People: Lourenco bique, 1938, philanthropist who has acquired 12 honorary amounts on her charity works. John Kerry’s partner. Hint: incorporate 12 rpms in order to 1950s checklist speed. A good. Melinda Doorways B. Susan Buffett C. Laurene Powell Efforts D. Teresa Heinz

P8. Potluck: Created when you look at the 1923, Battle of your own Bulge vet, graduate of Holy Cross, Catholic priest, he became really involved in the Vietnam anti-conflict path, several times detained and you will jailed. Clue #1: Sibling Daniel was similarly effective. Hint# 2: ton of letters and additionally means, Irish ditty. A great. Paul Goodman gay hookup sites to replace craigslist B. John Kerry C. Philip Berrigan D. Charles Owen Rice

Quotes: Quincy, MA, 1924, comedian usually checked toward Ed Sullivan Let you know. Their favourite reputation are a Bolivian astronaut exactly who said, “My identity – Jos Jimnez.” Hint: 2 yrs before the Mast. An effective. Costs Dana B. Bill Nye C. Don Knotts D. Ernie Kovacs

P10. Sci/Tech: Worcester, MA, 1882, professional, prof., physicist conceived/effortlessly introduced 1 st liquids- strength skyrocket, 1926. Anywhere between 1926 1941, the guy introduced 33 more, that rising step one.six miles. Hint: Out of breath. A good. Wernher Von Braun B. Robert H. Goddard C. Herman Oberth D.

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