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Linda paddles the fresh boat, tired, since the Tulio is filming the surroundings rather than paddling

Linda paddles the fresh boat, tired, since the Tulio is filming the surroundings rather than paddling

Rio 2

Linda and you can Tulio are ecstatic to https://datingranking.net/escort-directory/arvada/ find an excellent Spix’s Macaw feather from the Auction web sites shortly after are ambushed by the a strange bird

Today happily partnered so you can Tulio, Linda and her partner head to brand new Auction web sites to possess an expedition, and also to re also-launch a great Marbled Timber Quail on wild. Linda tries to coax the newest bashful Wood Quail out-of this lady crate, hence ultimately work (aided by Tulio’s attempts during the bird cam, and this seem to scare the fresh quail), and the quail reunites with its fellows. The newest quail following initiate jumping and you will chirping, hence Linda thinks was a warning. Tulio dismisses that it, but it is later on turned-out real given that Linda spots rapids right up in the future. The watercraft makes an untamed excursion down the rapids and more an effective waterfall.

Just after enduring brand new slide, Tulio searches for Linda, additionally the a couple of get back having a hug. He is distracted of the a beneficial squawk, and you can a fast-flying blue-bird abruptly dives early in the day them, destroying the digital camera and you can shedding certainly one of its feathers. Tulio refers to it a Spix’s macaw’s feather, in order to their and Linda’s happiness. After, Linda and you will Tulio are on the news, that is seen because of the Blu, Gem, as well as their infants, Bia, Carla, and Tiago. Jewel azon, to greatly help Linda and Tulio find the Spix’s macaws.

Blu plus the family unit members get to the brand new Craigs list, unknowingly alongside Linda and you may Tulio. Linda is wanting to pin down the condition of your own Spix’s macaws, thinking them to getting near the Brazil nut woods and you can the latest waterfalls. Blu is all of a sudden grabbed from the good bird, and his awesome squawks capture Linda and you will Tulio’s attract, just who frantically direct in direction of brand new voice. Linda anxieties which sounded instance Blu, but Tulio second thoughts which, believing Blu to settle Rio. Linda gets right up later on that evening, convinced that somebody was exterior, however, sees that it’s an excellent tamarin.

Tulio apologizes to get Linda into their disease, however, Linda responds from the advising him there is absolutely no lay she would rather end up being than which have him

Blu mentions Linda so you can Eduardo, who is angry as he discovers that Blu had previously been an animal. Blu protests one Linda raised him and that’s part of his loved ones, but Eduardo stays furious. Blu manages to get a hold of Linda and you will Tulio’s coordinates with the his GPS, saying so you can Gem that they’re most intimate. Gem try unwilling at the thought of tribe becoming discover and you may claims that they are best off by yourself.

Linda and Tulio discover loggers reducing particular trees. Tulio attempts to stop the lady, however, Linda confronts him or her angrily. Tulio drags Linda aside, however the a few following realize it is a pitfall (the fresh loggers was attending kidnap her or him so you’re able to end its logging hobby out of becoming disrupted). Linda flees whenever Tulio tells this lady in order to, running into brand new forest as this woman is pursued by loggers. Linda is able to stay away from but is in the course of time caught and you may associated with a forest that have Tulio.

Blu would go to Linda and you can Tulio’s campsite to state so long but following understands that something is completely wrong. The guy notices that web site could have been attacked, and you can becomes frantic. Roberto faces Blu, however, a beneficial bulldozer runs over the campsite. Blu sends Roberto to alert brand new group, upcoming would go to find Linda and Tulio. Later on, however tied to new tree, Linda and you will Tulio operate into the a situation in which capable hold hands. Linda after that notices Blu. She tends to make bird audio to catch their notice, and you can Blu frees him or her on the tree. Linda and you may Tulio make an effort to stop the loggers away from cutting down specific trees, clogging ways. Linda and Tulio was up coming happier and you can shocked to see numerous regarding Spix’s macaws regarding the trees to their rear.

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