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Algebra • Play with Pictures so you’re able to Show Trouble Research Routine step three.8

Algebra • Play with Pictures so you’re able to Show Trouble Research Routine step three.8

Explanation: On above-considering concern, because the, Ben consumes fourteen crackers and you can Ron consumes 6 crackers. 8 + 6 = 14. therefore the amount of crackers = 8.

Explanation: Regarding the above-given matter, because the, Suzy got fourteen cookies. she gave 6 cookies to Sophistication. 14 – six = 8. so that the quantity of snacks = 8.

Matter step 1. Mr. James bought 15 simple bagels and you may nine raisin bagels. Just how many alot more plain bagels than raisin bagels did the guy buy?

Explanation: On the more than-given question, once the, Mr. James bought fifteen ordinary bagels and you may 9 raisin bagels. 15 – 9 = 6. and so the number of basic bagels = 6.

Explanation: On the more than-considering matter, since the, Cole features 5 courses from the dogs and 6 guides throughout the kittens. 5 + 6 = 11. so the level of courses = eleven.

Matter step three. Thought Wiser Anne keeps 16 blue videos and you can nine red videos. Exactly how many much more bluish videos than red-colored films do she has?

Explanation: Throughout the a lot more than-given concern, just like the, Anne keeps sixteen blue video and 9 yellow video clips. 16 – nine = seven. so the significantly more quantity of bluish clips = seven.

Miss Gore got 18 pens. She provided _9_ pencils to help you Erin. Exactly how many pens really does Miss Gore have now? _9_ pens

Explanation: About significantly more than-considering question, once the, Miss Gore got 18 pencils. she offered nine pencils so you can Erin. 18 – nine = nine. so that the quantity of pencils Miss Gore has actually = nine.

Question 5. Jenna place most of the roses and all the new tulips to the a great vase. Exactly how many plant life did she set in new vase? _14_ plant life

Explanation: From the above-provided matter, just like the, roses = 6. tulips = 8. daisies = eleven. Exactly how many vegetation = 14.

Question 6. Think Smarter Five of the daisies serwis randkowy fcn chat was light. Another daisies was red-colored. Exactly how many daisies are red? _7__ yellow daisies

He offered cuatro trucks to Ed

Explanation: Throughout the over-given concern, since, four of your own daisies are light. 11 – 4 = 7 therefore the amount of white daisies = eight.

Question eight. Think Smarter Rita counts cuatro frogs regarding turf and some other frogs within the water. Discover 10 frogs throughout. How many frogs are located in the water? Draw an image and write lots phrase to eliminate.

Explanation: About more than-given concern, once the, Rita matters 4 frogs regarding the grass and some other frogs within the water. ten – 4 = six. therefore the quantity of frogs within the water = six.

Explanation: About more than-considering matter, just like the, Adam had a dozen automobiles. twelve – 4 = 8. so that the amount of automobiles Adam provides = 8.

Concern dos. Grandma features 14 purple roses and seven green flowers. How many much more reddish roses than just red flowers does she has?

Explanation: About a lot more than-given question, because the, Grandma possess 14 red roses and you may eight pink roses. 14 – 7 = 7. so that the number of red roses than green flowers = eight.

Concern step 3. Establish Math Establish the way you used the pub model inside the Do so dos to settle the problem _________________________ _________________________

Explanation: Throughout the significantly more than-considering matter, due to the fact, Abby has 16 grapes. Jason enjoys 9 red grapes. 16 – 9 = seven. so the number of red grapes = 7.

Example step three.nine Algebra • Play with Equations so you’re able to Show Trouble

Explanation: In the over-considering concern, while the, Abby has fifteen red grapes. Jason provides nine grapes. fifteen – 9 = 6. therefore, the quantity of grapes = 6.

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