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1. What exactly do Glucose Daters Do Together? Sex vs. Matchmaking

1. What exactly do Glucose Daters Do Together? Sex vs. Matchmaking

The fresh new questionnaire contained 24 quick finalized-ended and you will small unlock-finished concerns, in addition to record details. The previous inquiries gained information regarding experiences regarding financial transfers, frequency and you can level of dates, market background, as well as, eg, sex, ages, and you can sexual direction ( Dining table step 1), motivations to possess sugar matchmaking ( Dining table dos), and you will knowledge away from giving otherwise playing with escort attributes. Most were looking for heterosexual arrangements, however the heterosexual taste was stronger among the men participants (97 %) than among the lady participants (61 percent). Whilst decades maximum to join up on the internet site is actually 18, 10 percent of your ladies claimed getting more youthful than just 18 Washington best hookup apps (14–17) (select Dining table step 1, Contour step 1 and you will Figure 2). six The latest discover-finished questions addressed new definitions and you can motivations to glucose matchmaking. This new interviews as well as the questionnaire was in fact used from inside the Swedish. Gunnarsson interpreted investigation to-be quoted to your English.


The interview in addition to questionnaire data were analyzed qualitatively. Because interview data considering far more depth, this new questionnaire investigation given depth. Some dimensions of the brand new questionnaire study was indeed reviewed quantitatively, particularly, years, intercourse, and intimate direction. Interview transcriptions and you may qualitative survey solutions was in fact processed in the NVivo because of a mix of studies-driven and you can layout-inspired coding. The difficulty off ideas on how to identify sugar dating (especially in relation to prostitution) together with issue of crucial against. built-in motives had been conceptually key in the fresh new programming process. Analytical memo composing was applied so you’re able to document designs and you can interesting themes through the programming along with a very alternative discovering of your own question. In line with the observation that question represented all kinds out-of techniques and you can experience, we wanted a means of categorizing these differences. It became clear the event don’t vary with each other that solitary axis, very, in place of splitting him or her into you to definitely gang of kinds (cf. Scull 2020), we made a decision to center the research three secret size you to came up as the most decisive organizers of the differentiations: (1) The latest basic posts of sugar relationships plans: What do glucose daters carry out together? (2) The fresh new forms of settlement with it: Exactly how try “babies” paid? and you may (3) “Babies’” inspirational known reasons for sugar matchmaking: As to what the total amount carry out they participate in the newest plan due to the material advantages or as they delight in those activities in the and you can out of on their own? Regarding following the, the interview and survey data was examined as you when it comes to individuals categories of glucose relationship based on for every differentiating aspect. Preferably, amounts are provided concerning your regularity of each category one of participants. Note, even though, that number aren’t fundamentally associate of your wider inhabitants regarding sugar daters, and therefore members will can not be neatly split up into categories, since many keeps a variety of additional feel in addition to questions riding the details age bracket were not made to meets which article’s analytical proportions.


The first dimension central to possess recognize between styles of glucose dating concerns the fresh practical posts of the sugar relationship plan. The fresh starting regarding sugar relationship is going to be split up into around three classes. In the 1st classification, we find just sexual deal; on the next, “babies” and you will “daddies” was involved with a total relationship arrangement plus sex but including other activities; regarding the third, the newest parties socialize inside the an online dating-eg fashion, but intercourse isn’t a portion of the plan.

Gender Simply

Half the brand new “baby” interviewees (eight out-of fifteen) and something “daddy” interviewee (1 away from 9) equated sugar dating both with the easy buying and selling off gender, or said playing with sugar dating sites for this purpose, because the best possible way of using your website otherwise as one method as well as others. Regarding the survey responses, 13 % off “baby” participants and you may 3 per cent out-of “daddy” participants unambiguously equated glucose dating that have prostitution or offering/to order sex. When inquired about advantages of sugar dating compared to other forms regarding dating, one to survey respondent said, “It’s not a form of relationships [smiley]; your promote and purchase sex” (“kids,” 28). A perennial motif regarding the thing is that sugar relationship try a sleek coverage having prostitution, once the articulated by the various other questionnaire respondent: “This is prostitution. The audience is toward thinking-deceit. No one folks desires call ourselves hooker or john. So we changed the text and you may introduced it in a better package” (“child,” 25). Which crude awareness on “the actual characteristics” off glucose dating contrasts into importance from early in the day lookup towards just how glucose daters have a tendency to delimit what they do regarding prostitution and you will intercourse work ( Chu and you can Laidler 2016; Nayar 2017) that can be associated with Swedish news, where sugar relationship since the a pay to possess prostitution might have been good repeated theme ( Olsson 2019; Svenska Dagbladet 2017).

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